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of Scott & Helen Nearing

The mission of the Good Life Center is to perpetuate the legacy of Helen and Scott Nearing. The Good Life Center, through its programming and preservation of the historic Forest Farm homestead, advocates for simple and sustainable living skills, social and economic justice, organic gardening and the non-exploitation of animals.

Come visit Forest Farm!

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  • What’s Wrong With the Attack on Amy Wax

    What’s Wrong With the Attack on Amy Wax

    While we may not agree with what she says, we in academe should defend her right to say it, argues Jonathan Zimmerman. By Jonathan Zimmerman September 14, 2017 In 1915, the University of Pennsylvania fired economist Scott Nearing. He had supported a law barring child labor, which got him on the bad side of several businessmen on the university’s Board ...» Read More
  • Resident Stewards featured in BDN Article

    Resident Stewards featured in BDN Article

    HARBORSIDE, Maine — Decades ago, when eager back-to-the-landers from all over the country came to Helen and Scott Nearing’s home to meet the couple that wrote about and helped to define a new idea of the good life, they often would spend some time helping in the garden and then share a meal with the Nearings. Read the full story ...» Read More
  • Meet the 2017 Resident Stewards | Jeanie and Alex

    Meet the 2017 Resident Stewards | Jeanie and Alex

    Currently hailing from Portland, Oregon, Jeanie and Alex are absolutely thrilled to spend summer 2017 caring for and carrying on the Nearings’ legacy. Married on Cape Cod in 2016, as part of their ceremony Jeanie and Alex made a pact to maintain an adventurous and spontaneous spirit. The coast of Maine is calling! Jeanie Kirk, a would-be 14th-generation Cape Codder, ...» Read More

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