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Open Hours

The Good Life Center will open for the season on Thursday, June 23, and will be open Thursdays thru Mondays, 1pm to 5pm (June 23rd thru Labor Day), Sat. and Sundays: 1pm-5pm (Labor Day thru Columbus Day), or by appointment. Call Warren at 374-5386 for more information. 


Our first program of the year will be an Apple Pruning workshop on April 9th from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM.  Bring your clippers, saws, and ladders. Vegetarian lunch served at noon.

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The mission of the Good Life Center is to perpetuate the legacy of Helen and Scott Nearing. The Good Life Center, through its programming and preservation of the historic Forest Farm homestead, advocates for simple and sustainable living skills, social and economic justice, organic gardening and the non-exploitation of animals.

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