Thank you Chris and Carol our 2018 Resident Stewards

The Good Life Center was so fortunate with our 2018 Resident Stewards, Carole Crawford and Chris Morrison, from Portland, Maine. They brought new energy to the Farm as the 2018 Resident Stewards. We thank them for all the work and positive interactions with visitors from June through October, our 2018 season.

Carole and Chris met when they were cross-country ski and mountain bike instructors in LL Bean’s Outdoor Discovery Program. Chris was also a Maine Guide, and after leading a trip together they soon became partners in life as well as partners in their own guiding company. Carole first became acquainted with the work of the Nearings when she visited their homestead as an 18 year-old. She went on to earn a degree in anthropology and saw a great resemblance between the Nearing’s “good life” and our paleo ancestor’s highly successful way of life that had lasted for millennia. Chris became much more aware of the importance of pure, healthy foods when his eyesight began to fail in his late 20’s. Tests revealed highly elevated levels of lead and mercury in his bloodstream which prompted him to detox and change what he was consuming. In spite of his visual challenges, he has continued to work in the bike & ski industry as a technician, educator and Nordic ski coach for over 35 years.

The Good Life Center is located at 372 Harborside Road, Harborside, ME 04642 and will be open 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM, Thursday through Monday, June 21 through Labor Day. For more information about the Center and the Monday Night Summer Speaker Series visit