Group of Stewards

What is a Steward?

Stewardship is an ethic that embodies the responsible planning and management of resources.  Stewards of the Good Life Center activate this ethic by attending annual meetings to exercise their right to voice and vote on the nomination of Directors and the annual program plan and budget.  Along with the Board of Directors, the Stewards are the animating influence of the Good Life Center.  Stewards often create and execute special projects for the Good Life Center.  Many talents are appreciated to assist with the management of this precious resource.  Please join our illustrious group of Stewards and use your energies to further enhance this Good Life.

Abbie McMillen Harborside ME
Alison & Charles Stephens Blue Hill ME
Andrew Donaldson Portland ME
Andy Geranis York ME
Anne Truslow Concord NH
Annie Sheble Unity ME
Becky Gould Middlebury VT
Bob Jones Brooksville ME
Bob Hudson Brookline MA
Cella Langer Mt. Horeb WI
Connie Canney Alachua FL
Costas & Sally Christ Brooksville ME
Diane & John Fitzgerald Blue Hill ME
Doris Groves Brooksville ME
Ed Hawes Brunswick ME
Elka Schumann Glover VT
Ellen LaConte Winston-Salem NC
Everett & Mary Gendler Great Barrington MA
Gary Friedman Bar Harbor ME
Glenn Gunelic Essex Junction VT
Greg Joly Jamaica VT
Gwyneth Thomas Penobscot ME
Harry Bonish ME
Ivy & Joel Ricci Santa Fe NM
Jack Brondum & Patricia MacGowan Minneapolis MN
Jake Kennedy Freedom ME
Jennifer Jones Warren VT
Jim Merkel Belfast ME
Jim Zien Thetford VT
Joan Cheetham Monroe ME
Jocelyn Langer Hubbardston MA
Joel Glatz China ME
John Saltmarsh Boston MA
John Vincent Harborside ME
Karen  DiFranza Hubbardstown MA
Karen Anne Zien Brookline MA
Karen Frangoulis Blue Hill ME
Kathy Mills Yarmouth ME
Keith Morton Barrington RI
Laura Waterman East Corinth VT
Larry Dansinger Monroe ME
Lila Cleminshaw & Keith Erickson Missoula MT
Margi Kindig Madison WI
Marianne New Blue Hill ME
Martin Rudy Haase Chester NS
Martin Spahn Hallowell ME
Mary Hildebrand Surry ME
Mike Bollinger & Katie Prochaska Geneva IL
Mike Levien Berkeley CA
Molly Paul Brookline MA
Nancy & Warren Berkowitz Blue Hill ME
Nancy Caudle-Johnson & Douglas Johnson Camden ME
Neha Shukla & Chris Eaton Worcester VT
Noel Paul Stookey Blue Hill ME
Pam Lombard Hallowell ME
Pat McNiff Saunderstown RI
Patty Ryan & David Westphal Mount Desert ME
Paul Winter & Chez Liley Litchfield CT
Peter Diemond & Jean Gaudette Harborside ME
Peter Forbes Waitsfield VT
Putnam Smith Newburgh ME
Rachel Glickman & Henry Zacchini Dummerston VT
Randy and Jay Rolfe West Chester PA
Rebecca Hein Albany NY
Richard Garrett & Martha Young Wellington ME
Rowan Sherwood East Corinth VT
Ruth Robinson Brooksville ME
Susan Witt E.F. Schumacher Society Great Barrington MA
Svevo Brooks Creswell OR
Tamar Schumann Glover VT
Thomas Meyer Roxbury CT
Travis Klami
Woody Tasch Nederland CO