How to Contribute

We welcome donations of many types! One of the easiest ways is to add us on your Amazon Smile Account, so .5% of every purchase you make on Amazon goes to support the Good Life Center.

The Good Life Center is a non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.

Make a Donation

Financial contributions help to keep Forest Farm open to the public, keep Nearing publications in print, help fund our homestead restoration projects and support outreach programs like our Monday Night Lecture Series.

Make an In-Kind Donation

We are currently in need of the following items and services:

  • a projector that can be used with a computer
  • an apple ladder
  • a small cider press
  • materials, or dedicated donation of funds, for a new metal roof for the barn ($6000), and new basement windows($800).
  • a financial audit by a certified public accountant
  • annual maintenance of our hiking trail
  • annual weeding of the pereniel herb garden
  • assistance with staining siding on house
  • replacement of basement windows by experienced¬†carpenter

Become an Active Steward

Stewards of the Good Life Center activate this ethic by attending annual meetings to exercise their right to voice and vote on the nomination of Directors and the annual program plan and budget. The Stewards are the animating influence of the Good Life Center. Stewards often create and execute special projects for the Good Life Center. Many talents are appreciated to assist with the management of this precious resource.

If you would like to join our illustrious group of Stewards and use your energies to further enhance this Good Life, please contact any of our members!