The Good Life Center Newsletter Archives

Fall 2014 – Click to View –  Download Issue #1

  • Meet the Team – Bios of GLC board and staff members.
  • 2014 Year End Summary of GLC Programs.
  • Urgent Projects in need of funding in 2015.

Spring 2015 – Click to View –  Download Issue #2

  • 2015 Monday Night Speaker Series Listings
  • A tribute to Bill Coperthwaite by John Saltmarsh.
  • A review by Jennifer Adams of the 1915 University of Pennsylvania firing of Scott Nearing.
  • Re-cap by  Clark Pomerleau of the 2014 sixtieth anniversary of “Living the Good Life”.

Fall 2015Click to View Download Issue #3

  • The Health Risks of GMOs by Bob Jones
  •  Veganism and the Nearings by Doris Groves
  • The Renovation of the Forest Farm Yurt by Sam Adels

Spring 2016Click to View –  Download Issue #4

  • Racing To Extinction – Dr. Jane Eagles on Global Warming
  • Diane Fitzgerald – Six Years of Service on the GLC Board by Jocelyn Langer
  • Bringing the Core Values of the Nearings Into Today by Bob Jones