Photos by Chiotsrun

Back of Nearing Home
Cat statue in Nearing Garden
Forest Farm Sign
Nearing Compost Pile
Nearing Farm
Nearing Farm Garden Doors
Nearing Greenhouse
Nearing Greenhouse
Nearing Greenhouse Inside
Nearing House
Nearing Stone Outhouse
Nearing Walled Garden
Purple Flowers in Nearing Garden
Good Life Center Mailbox
Wooden Shoes at Nearing House

Helen and Scott Desk Photo

Photo by Richard Garret

Richard Garrett was appointed “court photographer” by Helen in 1970 and proceeded to visually document their lives for decades.  Many of the Nearing’s books feature his photographs and his work has been published around the world.  He and his wife, Martha Young, live on a remote farm and are Maine maple syrup producers, researchers and socially philanthropic grant writers.