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We’ve got the tools…

Your support, in a contribution of dollars or time, is needed to carry on the Good Life Center’s legacy.

Volunteers are the foundation of The Good Life Center.

Instead of being a spectator when you come to visit, join the fun, and we’ll put you to work as Scott and Helen would have done. Come for an hour, a day, or on a regular basis with or without prior skills, but with an eagerness to work. An extra pair of hands is always appreciated. Projects are seasonal and may include: harvesting seaweed, making compost, collecting hay, gardening, weeding, mowing, food preservation, stacking firewood, etc. Or contact us if you have any special talents to share. In any case, be dressed to get dirty.

The GLC welcomes individuals and groups who would like to help out in any way in the many activities of the GLC. People of all ages come to visit the GLC and participate in some aspect of the “good life.’ Many people like to work side by side with residents and staff in the garden: preparing the garden beds, working in the greenhouse, planting, weeding, and spreading compost. Volunteers not only enjoy themselves, but learn about organic gardening the way the Nearings did it. Other volunteer opportunities include house maintenance chores such as painting and staining, light carpentry jobs, scything grass, clearing brush, and trail work. Helping out in the library and in the house are also valuable opportunities to learn and to help the residents. If you would like to help out in any way, please give the Farm Manager a call at 374-5386.

We are always interested in learning about homesteaders near and far, suggested speakers for Monday Night Meetings, and other organizations and individuals who may be interested in our work. Write, email, or call us and share your ideas.

Volunteer Profile:

Jennifer Adams (Ph.D. Purdue 2002) is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication and Theatre at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana. She studies and teaches the rhetoric of historical discourse, and became interested in Scott Nearing for his early socialist rhetoric.  At DePauw, Jen teaches courses in speech, friendship, and environmental communication. She has been working with other volunteers at the Good Life Center to establish a plan of restoration and preservation for Scott and Helen’s extensive library and she also has been a speaker at the Monday Night Lyceum series.