Our Team

Mike McGlone |  Good Life Center Property Caretaker | Brooksville, ME


A bio for Mike McGlone is coming....



Warren Berkowitz | Board Member | Blue Hill, ME

Warren Berkowitz was a long-time friend of the Nearings and one of the Good Life Center’s first stewards. After 40 years of service in public education Warren now lives in Blue Hill, Maine with his wife Nancy. Warren’s goals as a Board Member and Farm Manager include maintaining Forest Farm to provide future generations with access to the inspiring Nearing legacy, nurturing the Residential Steward Program and inviting youth groups to participate in the Good Life Center’s Daily activities. A proud parent, Warren’s two adult children have wonderful memories of time spent with Helen at Forest Farm. Daughter Jenny lives in Waterville, ME, with husband Masi, a Colby College administrator, and children Nachshon and Nandi. Warren's son Jacob Scott is an international economics analyst in Washington, DC. Warren’s primary interests include gardening, yoga, and tennis.


Mary Hildebrand | Bookkeeper | Surry, ME

Mary Hildebrand lives with her husband Steve in an owner-built, solar powered off-grid home in Surry, Maine, where they grow a lovely garden on their small, wooded, pastured lot. Mary is a firm believer in Scott and Helen Nearing’s pay-as-you-go philosophy. She enjoys volunteering at The Simmering Pot Community Supper and is a member of the Hancock County Food Security Network. Along with Steve and a small group of close friends she shouts it out with a local rock n’ roll band known as The Free Radicals.

Alex Page | Board Member (former) | Portland, OR

Alex did not know about the Nearings until he visited the farm at the recommendation of a friend in 2016. Arriving outside of visiting hours, he and his wife Jeanie had the farm all to themselves and spent 2 hours in the late summer rains wandering, meditating, and admiring the abundant and beautiful garden. The next year, Alex and Jeanie became the Resident Stewards and fell even more deeply in love with the Nearings' philosophy and tranquil lifestyle. Alex has always loved gardening, and his politics geared towards that of Scott's pacifist and socialist teachings. Though based on the west coast of the United States, the Good Life Center captured a piece of his heart and his desire to help keep the mission alive and inspiring others has brought him back to his role on the Board.

Holli Cederholm | Board Member | Swanville, ME

Holli Cederholm has been involved in organic agriculture since 2005 when she first apprenticed on a small farm. She has worked on organic farms in Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, Scotland, and Italy and, in 2010, founded a small farm focused on celebrating open-pollinated and heirloom vegetables. Self-reliance as a form of social and environmental justice, inspired by the writings of Helen and Scott Nearing, is a driving force in her life. In 2016, Holli and her husband, Greg Benson, were honored to be Resident Stewards at Forest Farm. She is co-host of Common Ground Radio on WERU Community Radio and a long-time contributor for The Maine Organic Farmer & Gardener, which she now edits in her role as content creator and editor with the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA).


Carole Crawford | Board Member | Portland, ME

Inspired by reading Living the Good Life in 1976 and by visiting Forest Farm in 1982, Carole moved to a farm. She lived there for 7 years, growing organic vegetables and harvesting firewood for commercial sale. Her passion for the land and nature and the world of ballet, which she taught back then, were her main loves until her beautiful daughter and son were born. After Carole left the farm, the Portland, Maine, area became her home and this is where she has lived for many years. The lessons of the Nearings were never lost however, as she has grown organic vegetables and continuously composted food scraps and yard waste since 1976 without a break -- something she feels is one of her greatest accomplishments. When she and Chris met working in the outdoor industry their common love of cycling and camping brought them together both personally and professionally. They ran a guiding business together for 7 years. It introduced young people to mountain biking, road biking, and camping with the intent of fostering love and good stewardship of the land and natural places. Becoming a Resident Steward at the GLC in 2018, after first being introduced to it 42 years before, was life in full circle and a dream come true! Many of the things that have inspired Carole throughout her life still inspire her today, namely spending time with her children, growing organic food and composting, mountain biking, and Nordic skiing. Her latest endeavor and something she feels passionate about is working toward stopping the use of chemicals, particularly glyphosate, and promoting regenerative organic practices on farms and in our towns and cities, through the organizations Farmers Footprint and Non Toxic Neighborhoods.




Chris Morrison | Board Member | Portland, ME

After a health scare in his late twenties, Chris came to the realization that he drastically needed to change his eating habits. Inspired by the Nearings, Chris and Carole have 200+ sq. ft. of raised beds, compost bins, and a couple of prolific blueberry bushes on their 1/10 acre property in Portland, Maine. “Do what you can, where you can," is Chris' motto since his second season as a Resident Steward at Forest Farm. The Nearings' example of how to live, “sanely and simply in a troubled world,” has become a touchstone for Chris in countless ways. Chris believes that Helen and Scott Nearing humbly inspired thousands to action by their regenerative farming practices, their social and political activism, and by living what they taught. Chris is a step-father and an outdoor skills educator, and has worked in the Industrial Arts for close to 40 years. Chris spends most of his free time with family and friends, enjoying outdoor activities whenever possible.

Greg Joly | Advisory Board Member | Jamiaca, VT

Sam Adels | Advisory Board Member | Beacon, NY

Jocelyn Langer | Advisory Board Member | Northampton, MA

Keith Morton | Advisory Board Member | Warren, RI


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